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I am having trouble even starting this course. I have been doing python and JavaScript all week with no problems, but every time that I try to start Java it is completely grayed out. I can not do anything at all in the code editor and I have tried this on three different browsers on two different computers. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi @designmaster10784_53,

I’m not having any trouble connecting to the exercise. Could you take a screenshot for us?

Please make sure that you don’t have any browser extensions that could be interfering with the exercise.

Also, occasionally certain accounts have trouble, only for the one account. Are you able to view the exercise if you use a different account?

Everything is grayed out excepting the “Help,” Index, or “Report Bug” options, I’ve sent a few bug reports (once earlier this week and once just before posting this thread.)

I’ll try another account when I get home, my wife also has an account I think. Or maybe I’ll make a throwaway and give that a try. Thanks for the advice.

I did just try a throwaway account and it does work on the new account! Strange, but not too inconvient considering its free education! :smile: Thanks for your advice, zystvan!

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@designmaster10784_53 That’s odd, but I’m glad you were able to load the exercise in your second account! If you could take the time, I’m sure filing a help request would help the team fix this :slight_smile:

Check and see if there is anything wrong with Codecademy, Java, or the account.

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