Cant enroll in previously worked on courses

I enrolled in a python course. I unenrolled my self for work reasons, but now Id like to reset my progress and start over. Im unable to enroll in previously worked on courses, or even reset my progress per the instructions listed on codecademy. Has anyone seen this situation before? I can enroll in never worked on course, and unenroll my self in those, but not the ones i need.

Is it Pro content? Do you have a Pro subscription?

Yes i do. I was able to do a workaround.
If you did a path, unenroll, and then want to start up again you must finish a NEW answer. Once you do that, you can (for some reason) have it now post to your dashboard as a path youre currently working on.

Okay, gotcha. Yea, the dashboard is a bit…tricky or wonky (IMO). It will automatically put your most recent activity as “current” even if you just ran the code once in a lesson…it boosts it to the top of your dashboard…even if it’s not your primary course/path you’re working on.