Can't Edit index.html


I have been trying to edit the index.html as suggested in the exercise but looks like I'm not allowed to edit the text. It just doesn't work (like a read only file).

Can anyone help?



Hi Khristoss,

What browser are you currently using? Seems to work on my end.

Try refreshing your cache and try again.


Thanks Iloan.
I'm using Chrome, I tried with IE but with the same result.
I cleared my cache but that didn't change anything



I think you may be opening index.html in the file chooser, after selecting index.html, are you clicking on Open at the bottom? After you click Open, it will let you edit any file you choose. To get there, you click on the icon to the left of the tab that says app.js with a folder icon.

Let me know if that helps.



That solves it!
Initially I only double clicked the index.html. I didn't see the Open button at the bottom.

Thanks a lot for the help.