Can't count number of words with '

Here is where the bug occured to me:

I have to write a string with 3+ words and use .length on it.

"A B C".length

This for example works fine.

But when I have a ’ inside the string it will always fail

"A B' C".length

In what way does it fail? What do you want it to do? What does it do instead?

Well, I get an error message from Codeacademy (“Oops, try again. Is your string at least three words long?”)

The program itself works fine (counting the letters,spaces,…) only Codeacademy doesn’t let one pass with this answer even though it seems correct for me.

The submission test incorrectly thinks this is your string: "A B'

Ah ok, that makes some sense

thanks for the help :wink: