Can't continue

I’ve seen the old “Javascript” course will be destroyed soon, so I decided to switch to “Learn Javascript” instead.
But I think I’ll go back to the old one, because the new one is totally unworkable.

This bug here is a showstopper:

As you can see, each time I input something, it resets after a little bit.
I hope there’ll be a fix for that.

I’m using Chromium and qutebrowser as my web browsers, it happens on both.

Hi @suwakomoriya, is it possibly due to passing foreign characters into the string? (just my guess) because I’ve passed the lesson with no such encounter.

Have you tried passing your name/ or any string using abcd letters/alphabets?

I did the same thing in the old lessons, and there my name worked in roman, kana, and kanji characters.
As for your second question, I didn’t try that in the new course yet, I did in the old one though.

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What I noticed is that for the old Javascript courses they have slightly lenient checking system. (maybe it’s what work behind the checking system, this, I have totally no idea).

However, for the newer courses, you can see they revamp the designs, and the checking system is rather strict, if you failed passing the first step, it won’t let you move forward with the rest of lessons not even step 2 or 3 etc. (Something about ReactJS? Unsure)

Maybe for the newer courses, they didn’t expect someone would pass foreign characters into it. Sorry, can’t think of the right person but tagging your honor again @jonsamp. :innocent:

@suwakomoriya, okay I just tested the lesson.

Yeap, it passes any roman alphabets even with symbols ($%^* …and so on) .

For my case: any kana or kanji, it will disappear and show as empty string only when you click run the code. :neutral_face:

Note: Tested with Chrome Browser.

OK then, then I guess I’ll try it with roman characters next time.
Also did some Ruby lessons, but neither that one gave me any issues.

I think the staffs will go through this issue. I’ve help submitted a report under that lesson. If it’s what you explained, passing foreign characters in string type should not be a problem. :slight_smile:
I believe they will look into that matter in future.

@suwakomoriya, a suggestion, maybe you can edit your post above and state which browser you’re using while facing this issue, I believe it would provide more information for the staffs when they review it. :wink:

OK, I just did that.
Here as well: my web browsers are Chromium and qutebrowser, I use both interchangeably.

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Hopefully they will figure out a solution and you can finally pass with your name “諏訪子” :relaxed:

@suwakomoriya thanks for reaching out, and sorry that you cannot enter your name into the code editor. Due to how we are processing the code editor text, it disallows for special characters, line kana, kanji, and even emoji. All roman characters are currently supported.

With that, I am attempting to add support for special characters. I believe I found a solution and am submitting it as a feature. I am hopeful that we can get it included within this week. Thanks for bringing it up :raised_hands:

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@jonsamp, thanks for replying! **so touched :sneezing_face:

I’ve submitted a report as I afraid @suwakomoriya would be too shy to address the issue that his/her name cannot be entered into the code editor. I heard lately, it has been affecting his/her appetite and random mood swing. (no sarcasm intended)

Sorry for bothering you and thank you for the latest update! You’re da champ! @jonsamp :bowing_man: :metal:


@suwakomoriya, you can now type your name in the learn-javascript course. Enjoy!

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Thanks @jonsamp for going all the way to make this happen! No words enough to convey the appreciation for the effort and attention. Codecademy rocks :v: :v:

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