Can't continue without pressing solution button

still… With single or double quotes, with or without semicolon, written or copy-pasted. Even the result is loged to the console. And this is my second time with this lesson and the same situation. Only Solution button can help.

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Same occurred for me.

I’m having the same problem. Very fustrating. Is there anyway past?

Ran into this same problem , a “Provide Solution” should pop up and auto-fill the code for you.

I didn’t have to make a new account. I think it appears after a few unsuccessful submissions.

Super weird.

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the funniest thing is when you use “Solution”=> copy the code which is provided=> reset exercise=>past the code… Anyway wrong!


Yes, I’ve cut and paste the solution and clicked run a couple of times and it still thinks I’m incorrect. Thought I as going mad.

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the same happened with me. this is definitely a bug. please fix it!

Same here… this happened to the question before… doesnt help confidence in newbies who are learning their first language… please fix this bug as I dont want to keep getting the solution as it auto-completes the next exercise

ok, so it is a bug! thought I was going crazy… lol

Gah. Bug for me too.

This should now be fixed!

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