Cant continue free courses

Hello, i looked at free courses and enlisted to the free courses that interest me, i started some of them, but when i want to return to the free course now it always tells me to upgrade to pro and i can not continue, am i doing something wrong?
thanks in advance

Hello @core5683682029, welcome to the forums! Some of the courses may have become PRO between when you started them and now; could you share a link to the lessons, please?


hello thank you for the reply,

hmm it was the C tutorial but i was too ashamed to post the link saying “hello world” (because thats where i was stuck)
so i tried to look for another course where i had the same problem and now i think my problem was because i clicked “resume” (on 2 different locations) but if i click on the last lesson that i have finished i can continue that way (it is still weird imo) so i think its fixed now, thanks anyways and i will come back if i encounter further problems :smiley:

btw is there any way to change my username?

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  • Go to while you are logged in.

  • Click on your profile picture (top right corner of page). A drop-down will appear (with fields for “Profile”, “Account + Billing”, “My Home”, “Help Center”. “Log Out”). Click on the “Profile” option.

  • On your profile page, there should be a “Edit Profile” button. Click on the button. Change your username and then click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page.

  • Log out of the forums as well as from your codecademy account. Log in again to codecademy and forums. Theoretically :bulb: your username should have changed.


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