Cant connect to learn java

heey guys…

maybe its a dump question but i have to ask it.

i cant join learn java for 3 days now.
i already tried to connect with it on my 4G, home network, work network and school network. and at no place i cant connect.

are u guys working on it ? or its just client side?

@dustin1996 no it’s open to everyone, anyone can join and learn…

what’s d issue??


@dustin1996 This is issue of codecademy,srry for that try after 48 hours, may be after it will work or report to team of codecademy

If you have NEVER been able to connect even after trying on different days and at different times then it is likely an issue with your firewall.

You can read more about that here:

i will try that thanks. i hope it will work