Can't assign to operator

I’m working on some code to make the Fibonacci sequence and I’m getting the error “can’t assign to operator”, but I don’t know why. Please help. My code is:
import time
t_end = time.time()+.5
num1 = 1
num2 = 2
print (num1)
print (num1)
print (num2)
while time.time()<t_end:
num1 + num2 = num3
num3+ num2 = num1
num1 + num3 = num2

Also, if you can think of code that does the Fibonacci sequence, please don’t tell me.

Tried to figure out why it was saying that to no avail. So i can understand more of your code could you tell me the purpose of importing time?

num3+ num2 = num1
num1 + num3 = num2

You need to flip these so that you only have 1 variable on the left side of =

num1 = num2 + num3
num2 = num1 + num3

Also your while loop won’t work.
I also have no idea what your code is trying to do.