Can't access next lesson

In my ruby course i just finished the last lesson in the refactor factory and then it says Up Next Blocks, Procs and Lambdas and when I click up next it says "Continue?

Oops! It looks like you can’t access this exercise yet! Click below to resume where you left off."

And if I go back to the course main page it has the refactor factory and all other projects before that at 100% but still has Blocks Procs and Lambdas locked. Please Help!


Link for the refactor factory:

Link to the first excersive in bocks procs and lambdas:

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Please post a link to the unit. Thanks.


Does a shortened link work?


The shortened link does not work. It returns the same message.

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Now that the links are here we can shift this over to Platform Problems and hope it gets addressed soon. Don’t know what else we can suggest here.


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