Can't access lots of articles on the forum

Hi everyone

I apologise if this isn’t the best place to post this…

I have a two-part question…

Question 1) I’m trying to find a forum post/guide that was linked to from one of the HTML/CSS lessons (I can’t remember which one). The guide was pointing learners in the direction of some exercises to work on outside of Code Academy.

Question 2) My search for this post is being obstructed by some weird permissions stuff going down. For instance, if I try to access this post - - then I get the following error:

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 19.38.28

Can anyone help me?!

Thanks in advance

@alexcraig is this something you are able to address?

Hmm I think this if from @zainabrawat trying to move into the new structure, since we has loads of random top level categories that didn’t make sense before.

Hopefully Zainab knows!

Thanks for taking a look guys!

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Hi Nathaniel

Apologies for the permission issue here, I have fixed it.

Hopefully you’ll be able to access everything correctly now :slight_smile: