Can't Access Cheatsheet

Hello hello!

I can’t seem to access one of Codecademy’s Cheatsheets. The course is ‘Learn Intermediate Python 3’, and the Lesson is ‘Namespaces and Scope’

It says, ’ Sorry! Looks like this cheatsheet isn’t available yet.’ This has happened to me before, but after I completed the Lesson, it showed me the Cheatsheet, but for some reason, when I completed this one, it doesn’t show it to me.

It’s possible that there isn’t a cheatsheet for this lesson/course. A few courses don’t actually have one available though I have no idea if that was intentional or not; do other lessons in this course use one?

I think the typical suggestion is to try and create one yourself, a little more work perhaps but sometimes writing it out helps solidify the idea in your own mind.