Cannot view lesson overview


Hey, I am on lists and dictionaries in python and wanted to review what I had learned about for loops and append. However, when I click on the bottom left to bring up the overview it does not load the lesson overview menu I just get an 'x' but no menu. I am on chrome web browser. Sorry if this is not the right place to post for this, and thank you.


Don't worry - it is the correct category :slight_smile:

That is a weird problem. Does it happen with other exercises or just this one?

Try restarting your browser or reloading the page, and if that doesn't work try using a different browser if you really need to use the feature :stuck_out_tongue:


Same problem here in Python. All excercises


Restarting the browser did not work.
It is with all the exercises.
It also did not work for me in Internet Explorer.
Thank you for your time!


Not sure if its worth noting but my screen does make a little 'blink' when I click on it but the overview just does not load - only changes the '3 lined menu button' over to an 'x'


Same, i think its global Codecademy problem :confused:


@neeziv @systemsurfer34852

I found this topic on the same problem:
seems to be a problem with the software, not you.


thanks again for your time! mine is now working again hopefully for others as well.