Cannot type semicolon

Hi, I started Introduction to JavaScript, but in the lessons I cannot type semicolon with keyboard (Alt Gr + ; ). I’ve tried different browsers and various notebooks, but when I push the two keys it works like jump back to previous page instead of typing ; . Any solution please?

Hi @engye

Are you using a localised keyboard? The semi-colon character is just a single keypress on most keyboards I’ve ever come across, so I don’t understand why you’re having to use Alt Gr to get a ;


Hi, yes, it is a localised keyboard (Hungarian language).

Cool. :slight_smile:

I looked up the keyboard map for the Hungarian keyboard - it looks like you should be able to get a semicolon by pressing Alt Gr and ,

Is that what you’re already trying?

This is the keyboard map I found, by the way:

Click here for keyboard mapping.


with Alt Gr pressed:

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