Cannot type anything in Code Editor for SQL and Java

As title says, it started last night with Java so I switched to SQL now today cannot do either but can do HTML though. I guess I’m one of the 1% 's because I have yet to find a valid solution. I am using the latest Chrome. Windows 10. And I just did a clean wipe on my laptop 2 days ago.

What’s preventing you from typing? For all I know your keyboard isn’t plugged in!

If things aren’t loading then perhaps you’re behind some firewall that isn’t letting all the required data through.

Should the title on this be changed from Javascript to Java?

Does everything look normal on the screen? If not, could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I guess that could be true I am at work but for the last 2 weeks all the my coding been done at work. Next time I will try a different connection thanks.

It is working again. The only thing I did was download Active Directory and it made me restart machine(I did restart it when this first started). Now it is working again.

Since working I did notice the difference. the Code Editor “water mark” never went away. When its working you see it for a brief second and it dissappears if I select “continue” from a subject.

Anyhow back to work.