Cannot run Coffee Bot, how to run code?

I’m feeling like an absolute moron, but the first step in coffee bot will not run.
Here is a link to the exercise:

All I have to do is print out a sentence from the function, but I do not understand where the run option is. I’ve made it this far, but I cannot figure it out.
Here is the code I have

Define your functions

def coffee_bot():

     print('Welcome to the cafe!')


Call coffee_bot()!

I call the bot, but all I can click on is save. Even if I try to call it in the other window, nothing happens. Is this a glitch, or did I just forget a very very basic way to run the code?

Hello @quinng123, welcome to the forums! To run the code, type python3 into the terminal.

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Thank you! I was being a fool. Appreciate it!

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