Cannot Reset Exercises or Courses

I’m trying to reset code on exercises using the reset buttons and none of them work. Clicking reset on the individual exercises doesn’t do anything. The little green square checkbox remains the same and the code does not get reset.

Resetting the courses does not work either. Clicking on the reset course button does nothing. I paid for a full year and it seems like nothing is functional or working. I should be learning right now but I can’t … someone help please?

Here is a thread with a Codecademy Team member. Perhaps post there and follow-up there too.

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I did see that post as well. For some reason for me … the courses and exercises do not reset at all … even the checks don’t reset. I cannot get the solution button either because of this. I haven’t heard any news at all except being told to wait for the fix. No one is responding to my emails in a timely fashion. I was told to come here to the forums but it seems pretty lackluster here. Support is very limited if there is any at all and I’m not getting satisfactory answers or work-a-rounds. I hope they give me some credit because right now I’m paying for a service that isn’t working at all.

Thanks for sharing the other thread as well.

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On a semi-separate note, but since you are here now… is your interface working? Mine is blank now. Nothing will load. Just seeing if it’s just me.

By interface … do you mean you are clicking on a course and trying to begin a particular exercise and it’s not loading at all? I’ve been using code academy for about a year but I just started participating on the forums.