Cannot proceed even though code is working


Oops, try again. Please follow the instructions on the Full Preview page to test your code."

$(document).ready(function() {
     $('button').click(function() {


Yes your code is working.

Clear the cache of the Browser and refresh the side.


instead of $('.vanish').fadeOut('slow');
it's done this way
$('div').vanish(function('slow',) {
$().fadeOut(function() {


@jameskimaru No, that's completely incorrect.

@glenn11's code is fine, like @codmakr said.


@zystvan Its okay, anyway mine worked that format.


@jameskimaru That's because your code has errors in it which cause the SCT (Submission Correctness Test; code checker) to not realize the code is incorrect, by being so bad it has (unintentionally) tricked the SCT into thinking it's correct code.


oh @zystvan now i get you. thanks!


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