Cannot Open the Orion Constellation Project

I am on the final step of setting up the Off Platform Project: Constellations.

This is the directions page:

At the bottom, in the Completing the Project section, I followed the steps of downloading the Orion Constellation project, then opening Jupyter Notebook in the browser, then going to the folder containing the orion constellation. See: http://localhost:8888/tree/Downloads/orion-constellation

The next step says: " 4. Click on constellation.ipynb in the browser tab. This will open up your Jupyter Notebook. "

When I click on constellation.ipynb, it opens a new window, then I get the following message:
Unreadable Notebook: /Users/myname/Downloads/orion-constellation/constellation.ipynb
NotJSONError('Notebook does not appear to be JSON: ‘{\n “cells”: [\n {\n “cell_type”: "m…’)

Please advise, thanks!

Hello, and welcome to the forums @board5218463968 :slightly_smiling_face:!

Check out the Troubleshooting Guide to make sure everything is good.

If none is that works, see here or here and then click the “Contact Us” button for the second link.

I hope this helps =)


Just open the terminal and go to the location of the folder. Then type jupyter notebook and press enter. This will open up the constellation.ipynb in your browser.