Cannot open list on lessons within unit


I am trying revisit previous parts of the unit but when I click the bar with the units, instead of opening I just get an X.

How can I go back and go over the past material from the current unit.

I am stuck on 13 and I want to get back to the beginning.

It is most def not my browser, cache of cookies.


Hi the moment the menu where you can select the lesson isn't working. it does the same to the JavaScript course


I can also confirm the button does not work. I have tried using a new tab and new browser. adblock and javascript block were both disabled when trying it.


Are u staff? So what should I do? A clearer explanation would be helpful.

My apologies if you not staff.


Don't worry ..and I'm not in the staff


I am having the same issue. Makes referencing previous exercises impossible. I hope this gets fixed soon!


And wouldn't you know it, looks like it just got fixed! :slight_smile:


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