Cannot log into mobile app, says wrong password, cant find way to reset password?

when I go to the help center and go to reset password and they tell me click this link to reset your password and you’ll get an email then I click the link and it just goes to my home page where it shows my courses and when you try to login there’s no forgot your password? Button at least in the mobile app and I’m afraid to logout of my browser because apparently I forgot my password and if there’s not a forgot password button in the browser login then I’m kind of stuck…

anyone else seeing this?

You can go into an incognito then go to CC and click forgot password and reset from there. If you do it that way you won’t need to log out of your accont.

thanks i figured it out, i also figured out that codecademys mobile app is a worthless piece of crap. cmon codecademy, you can do better. was super disappointed and will have to do everything in the browser, oh well. thanks.

Do you mean CC Go, where you can review study materials relevant to your learning and then answer questions?

Also, it’s pretty rare I think to be able to offer that sort of coding functionality on mobile.
For example, I can’t code in Google Colab on my phone.

sololearn does the interactive coding console lessons on their mobile app for like 5 years now