Cannot Install Miniconda

Hi everyone, i am facing issue with installing conda following the instruction here . My conputer system is 64-bit and i’ve downloaded the Python 3.8 version 64-bit for windows. However, when i finish downloaded the installer and went to git bash with the command <bash Miniconda3 …> type in, the terminal shown the following result : Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe: Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe: cannot execute binary file

Could anybody offer help to me so i can proceed to install the Miniconda to complete the project required?

If this has been installed already (you say you went thought the installer) then I think your instructions would suggest running a file terminating in .sh which bash can actually work with. An .exe would typically be a pre-compiled binary for windows that you can run but it has nothing to do with bash. It looks like that’s the installer itself you are trying to run (I’m assuming you have installed this, by double clicking in file explorer or otherwise).

There’s some decent guidance on the forums here- Setting Up Conda in Git Bash.
For setting up conda specifically in gitbash have a look at part 3 in particular as it’ll cover how to source the important conda script(s) every time you open an intance of gitbash.