Cannot import numpy into Jupyter

Currently doing the Real Estate Investment Trust Analysis in the Intro to Financial Analysis Python Skill Path. First step is to import numpy into the Jupyter, but my notebook cannot find it. Nowhere can I find help on how we first get numpy downloaded. Can someone please help with how to do this going forward? I cannot do any of the project at this point.

Did you try pip install numpy ?

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Did you use Anaconda to launch Jupyter Notebook? If that is the case, make sure you activated the base environment which has NumPy pre-installed.

You can check which Conda environment you are currently on:

conda info --envs

You can switch between different environments by using this command:

conda activate (environment_name)

Moreover, if you want to install NumPy into your new environment other than the base environment, you can execute the following command:

conda install -c anaconda numpy

Thanks for the feedback. I discovered i needed to do the conda install. I assumed since Jupyter is online, it automatically has all the libraries already. I wish CodeAcademy was a little more clear and helpful with the installing packages process prior to the project.