Cannot import name from partially initialized module (most likely due to a circular import)


When I implement and import it in, I am getting the above error. It is there in the link and if this is not supported why is it there.

I want to do the following:

  1. create a sepearte file with db from and add import routes in
  2. create a file and define all models in it. Use it in I am getting circular reference error as I am using app and db objects in imported from


The way I try to prevent this from happening is that I draw a file diagram of my structure and the import dependencies (and where in the code they happen).

It’s a solid way to prevent this from happening on a consistent basis.
Maybe upload your project to github and link it here and some others (and myself) can maybe give a suggestion as to adjustments you can make.

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thanks toasted but I am refering to the code provided in the example and the url is provided above. you can navigate to the code and find it there


I don’t have access to pro so I can’t say for sure specifically what you’re dealing with.

But conceptually you can’t circular import. So for example if:

  • in your models you’re importing db from a main file
  • and then you want to import those models into your main file
  • in the main file: the import from the models should come after the db instantiation.

If you import everything at the top it would result in a circular import error of some sort.

Thank you again. It worked. This concept was missing in the course. Now I am able to create model and route files and import them in main file. Working fine now.

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