Cannot got to the next Topic


I am getting the following error when trying to move to the Lists and Dictionaries Topic:

“Oops! It looks like you can’t access this exercise yet! Click below to resume where you left off.”


Can you post your code for the current exercise you are stuck on, as well as the error that is showing up? A screenshot would be perfect.




I’m only assuming it’s needing you to complete more of the exercise if it’s throwing this error.


I completed already and I get the correct results. However is not letting
me go to the n xt section. It is possible to check for any error that could
cause this issue?


I am getting the same issue from from date and time. Correct answer and it says I have completed 233% but will not allow to go to next session. Suggestions?


I am getting the same error while trying to go to List and Dictionaries. The previous lesson (Taking a Vacation) shows 128% complete. No errors in the code.


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