Cannot get the navigation to work

I am not able to get the navigation in the Semantics project to work and I cannot advance so I think that is where I am having difficulty. I think it is with the id, but I am not sure.
Here is my project

Can someone please look at my project and assist me with figuring out what I am doing wrong in this area?

Hi, the link throws a 404.

Here is a bit of the code, maybe that will help.



    <li a href="#blog">Blog<a/></li>

    <li a href="#media">Media<a/></li>

    <li a href="#about">About<a/></li>




    <h1>New York City</h1>



    <section id="blog">

Inspect this line: Check all opening and closing tags. Does every opening tag have a closing equivalent and what is the correct syntax of a closing tag (if it is not a self closing tag).

Thanks. I see what I was missing and now it works!

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