Cannot get final correct code


How come there is no going back once you’ve complete the exercise?
I used the Get Code but then I erased it and wanted to go back and try and do it myself but because of the Get Code it automatically gave me all the green ticks and now no matter what I write in the console log it stays the same as if I have completed the lesson successfully.


you need to reset the exercise, there is a reset button at the bottom of the editor (two buttons or so next to the run button)


by “erased it” I meant to say that I did use the reset button.


then all the active checkbox of the instructions should deactivate, and you should be able to redo the exercise.

Do all the check-boxes de-activate? Can you show a screenshot?


Ideally it should, but on this occasion it isn’t. Perhaps there is just a bug with this lesson? It’s Getters and Setters III



after doing get code the checkbox check:


if i then press the reset button:


which is beside the run button, the exercise resets:


its working fine, are you sure you are doing it correctly?


Please post a link to the exact exercise, rather than just naming it. Thanks.

Getters and Setters III

If you believe there is a bug, please report it using the form in the lower section of the lesson text.


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