Cannot figure out "Interactive Website: Push Menu"


Hey, I'm Milagros.
I'm stuck in the first part of Interactive Website: Push Menu. Can't figure out the instructions.
"1. Inside the app.js file, use the keyword var and create a function called main.
2. Leave the function's code block empty.
3. Use jQuery to run the main function once the web page has fully loaded."
I enter:
var main = function() {
inside the app.js file but keep getting
"Oops, try again. Define a function named main."


The error probably relates to this final instruction. Be sure to write the function as a callback in the ready handler.



Thanx for your help.
This didn't work, either. I am just stuck on this part and can't see where the problem is.


Please let see all the code you have so far, as well, include a link to the exercise. Thanks.


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