Cannot figure out 6. cdII and 7. mkdir


Hi, I cannot figure out why these two exercises are letting me move on.

For exercise 6. cdII:

$ cd 2015/feb/
$ pwd
$ mkdir media
$ pwd

The exercise lets me move on but I don't see that there is now a new directory named media/...

Same question for 7.mkdir., I don't see the new file keyboard.txt:

$ cd 2014/dec/
$ pwd
$ touch keyboard.txt
$ pwd


pwd will show you the current working directory (which directory you are in), if you want to see the directorys/files in the current directory, you need ls, which will list all the files in the current directory


Thank you so much for clarifying!


You can use the ls command to show you what is in the feb directory.

Same for the next step.


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