Cannot execute Git exercise 5 step 5


Now that changes made to scene-2.txt have been booted out of the staging area, you're ready to commit. From the terminal, make a commit to save the Larry/Laertes name swap in hamlet.

How to do this? thx


Unable to figure this one out too. I tried $ git commit "name swap" but got the following message

"error: pathspec 'name swap' did not match any file(s) k
nown to git"


I passed, try $ git commit -m "hamlet"


Ah yep that did it. I thought -m was optional.


nope, -m means msg, good luck


wow had the same problem thx for the advice it worked i was stumped lolz :grin: :wink:


Thanks :sweat_smile:


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The solution given didn't work for me.. suggest an alternative pls.