Cannot delete my account


Everytime I try to delete my Codeacademy account, it asks me to re-log to continue. I have done this about 6 times now and it keeps asking me to re-log. Is there any other way to delete my account?

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Did you see this article?

Yes I did,

i never get the option to click I UNDERSTAND, DELETE MY ACCOUNT, it always asks me to re-login.


Are you doing it on mobile or desktop?
what web browser are you using? do you have any extensions installed on said web browser?

My apologies, should have added those details in the original post.

I have used both Firefox and Safari on OSX. I do have extensions installed such as Ublock, so i have also tried in incognito modewithout any extensions loaded but to no avail. I’m going to try on IOS right now.

EDIT: Same problem on IOS unfortunately, tried with both safari and firefox.


No worries. I’m just sort of guessing here. :nerd_face:
Have you tried doing this on Chrome? And also, clearing the cache?