Cannot create a new folder called 'containers'!


Nothing is happening after clicking + , I am using Google Chrome and has been working fine.

Replace this line with your code.


Yes it's a bug. I've already made a bug report. I hope they will fix it soon.


so there is no option to skip this lesson and move next?


Stuck here too, can create a file but not a folder...


Keep clicking run until it asks you if you want to get code.


Same problem. Can't report a bug either :slight_smile:


Same issue here. I cannot create a folder but I can create a file. I submitted a bug report but I'm really bummed about this...


Nice idea, this worked for me!


Also just ran into this. Submitted a bug report. Clicked Run until was able to Get Code. Thanks!


This is resolved for me. I went back in a week later to try and it worked just fine.


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