Cannot create a branch in Visual Studio Code

I tried to follow the instructions (Version control in Visual Studio Code) to create a branch in Visual Studio Code under the command panel. However, when I type ‘git’, I do not see an option to create a branch. Please see my screenshot below. Any thoughts on what I’m missing?

Hi, I believe that you’ve already install git on your computer, did you also tried to install a git extension for your Code Editor ? I use this one and it’s been great so far.

But still the easiest way to use git for me is by using command line, yes it does take a bit of practice but then you just get used to it.

Just try the extension and see how it works for you.

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Thank you for your response.

After installing GIT extension pack as you requestd, I still do not see ‘Git: create a branch’ in the command panel.

Can you please help advise how I can see the git create branch function?

So if you want to create a new branch, just click on the new git pack extension that you just installed, click on branches then on the plus icon, name your new branch and then press enter.

Thanks for your response.

super stupid question - but I cannot figure out how to click on the extension pack to create the branch!

mind sharing a screenshot?

Okay, it’s alright. So it is on the left side, third icon from the top.

And if you log in you’ll be able to see your repos, commits and branches etc…

Thank you so much. I now figured this out!

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No worries, good luck and happy coding !

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