Cannot connect to localhost from within VSCode

For the life of me I cannot get applications to work locally from within VSCode. The first couple of times I ran a program they worked and the web pages appeared in chrome. But then, something broke and now I cannot get pages to connect to If I am describing this issue correctly. I get the folowing error in the console when attempting to run programs from within VSCode on my box:
(Could not read source map for chrome-error://chromewebdata/: Unexpected 503 response from chrome-error://chromewebdata/ Unsupported protocol “chrome-error:”)

I have tried to resolve this for hours online to no avail. If someone could offer a solution to this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
I am relatively new to posting on the forums here so forgive me if this isn’t formatted correctly etc.


First of all, welcome because VS Code in and of itself is a complicated tool (like any modern IDE). And it might seems besides the point to all of a sudden have to learn about an IDE as well as whatever target thing you’re learning is, but it all comes together, and if you persist it’ll become easier over time.

There’s a lot of information we don’t have. You say you ran a program on VS Code, from which web pages appear in chrome, and before they could connect to localhost ( but now they can’t.

What you need to clarify to get more specific help:

  • what are you running exactly? (A flask server, a react app, an airflow server, etc…)
  • what were your configurations and set up steps for those?
  • have you tried following that technology’s setup documentation? (for example, quickstart react guide in the official react page etc.)
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HI there !!

Thanks for the reply. I was simply trying to run a web page that has HTML, CSS and Javascript. There is nothing wrong with the code that I can see I just get the error I mentioned above. I will figure it out eventually but you’re right, my focus should be on the main curriculum and not pesky problems like this one. On the brighter side, I have learned more about web programming in my first two weeks here on Codeacademy than I have previously on other sites. Codeacademy’s method of teaching is the best that I know of online.

I usually run into this problem after running the app successfully the first time or two. I’m not sure what causes this either, but what I usually do is open the project in your preferred browser at the same time as you work on it in vscode. when I save a change, I just refresh the page in the browser and the changes should be in place.

I hope this helps!

Hey there. This is a great tip and does actually do the trick. Thanks !! I am currently studying the Backend Engineering Career Path curriculum and while I am still only in the software engineering portion of the course I am learning tons about web development at a rapid rate. This Codeacademy thing is superior to any programming bootcamp I know of online.

I agree on Codecademy being superior. I completed a full-stack certificate in another program and I decided to try Codecademy to see how it compared and I felt like I knew nothing! I’m glad I found it and I’m glad you did too! good luck on the journey.

Thanks man. And good luck to you as well !! :slightly_smiling_face: