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Codecademy Team,

I canceled my subscription and tried contacting the help support team, but the office is closed for Thanksgiving. My credit card was charged today though and the transaction is pending. I am unable to resolve this even though I have canceled my subscription before the start of the new billing cycle and there is no one who I can contact today with the holidays.

Can you please cancel the pending transaction on my account?

Thank you,

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Hello @mega6607065115, welcome to the forums! Unfortunately we can’t directly deal with payment questions on the forums. The support team should get back to you soon, but in the meantime, I’ll tag in someone from CC to see if they can expedite the process. @lilybird, can you help with this?


Hi @mega6607065115! Well if you need to cancel your subscriptions, go to your code academy home page then click you profile pic on the top right. Then a click account + billing. Then there is an. option to cancel your subscription. Hope I helped!

Thanks for your response. I already canceled my subscription and renewal option yesterday, but my credit card is billed for the next 6 months and the transaction is still pending. My question is if Codecademy could reverse or debit my account back.

I’ve enjoyed the lessons and exercises here, and plan to return once I have the time available. Thank you!

Hi Codeneutrino,

Thank you for your response and cc’ing lilybird. I am still waiting to hear back from Codecademy, and I appreciate your help.


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