Can you write accents in a string?

I tried to write the name of my favorite book in the first exercise to print it on the console: console.log(“Zazie dans le métro”); but when i wrote “métro” it kept stopping me at the “é” and just writing “mtro” or going back to the first line, but when i wrote “metro” without an accent, it worked. Can someone please explain? Thank you!

Sounds like you mean the editor, javascript handles métro just fine but you should probably keep it out of the code itself and only include it in data (such as strings that you’re going to show to the user)

No, it was on a string! I will repeat the exercise and show it to you.

And it wasn’t being displayed? I still think it’s entirely to do with codecademy though, not javascript

Oh, ok, I got what you mean. I think it’s probably the editor at codecademy. Thank you!!!

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