Can you use the Chrome DevTools for more tasks?

Apart from viewing website features, codes and the DOM using the Chrome DevTools as can be seen in this video here, in the interest of fast development, can you use the Chrome DevTools to copy the code of a website that you like and then modify the content and code to suit your own purpose?

Is it possible and legal?

Yes you can!
You can go to the source code and copy/paste to your text editor.

Very good question here. It is possible, but you must be careful not to copy anything that has a copyright.

@lilybird posted a video demonstrating this, here:


Many thanks for this response.

With a little knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can get a head-start by cloning an existing site.

It appears this can be possible for basically a HTML/CSS website.

Is it also possible to clone a website that is of a dynamic nature?

For instance, a sort of school website that you can redesign for another different school, where pupils’ results will have to be uploaded periodically and then, students and parents will have to check their terminal results online by visiting the website?

Hello @noblekc. If the JS is directly embedded in the code, then absolutely. If the JS links to an external file, the you would have to find that file and copy/paste it.

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