Can you swing it

how do i make the introduction paragraph and the summary paragraph have a font-weight of bold?

They are both direct children of body

ok and how do i do it

I can’t give full answers, show me what you tried, so i can see what goes wrong.

You do know how to select a direct child (using >), right?

wait you cant, really :disappointed_relieved:

Nope, CC policy prevents me from giving full answer without explanation. Post your code, so i can help you

do i have to do
body > p {
like that

Yes, that should do it. Very good you figured it out :slight_smile:

got a question though. i thought that (body > p { ) selects a the <p>s in the body

*selects all the <p>s in the body

Nope, look at this code:

  <p>i get selected</p>
    <p>i do not get selected</p>
  <p>i get selected</p>

if you know do body > p with the above html code, the paragraph inside the div does not get selected, it has div as parent direct, body is not the direct parent, more like grandparent. If you would do, body p then all paragraphs would be selected. > makes a huge difference

thanks, youre a real help stetim,

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