Can you swing it > I think i have got it right, but it says Oops!


/* here is the code */
p {
font-family: Garamond;

body div >p {
font-weight: bold;
color: #7AC5CD;

body >p {
font-weight: bold;

body div ul li {
color: #000000;
text-decoration: underline;

/* And here is the result, it looks alright to me, why is it not letting me move ahead? Please help. */
the message tht i receive - "Did you remember to set the paragraphs inside

  • tags to the text-decoration: underline;?"

    And here is my preview window>

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    You need to specify the paragraph in your css selector for the paragraphs inside the unordered list.


    Thanks! It helped! :slightly_smiling: