Can you share your final code?

Hi Kent,
Can you share your final code, Im just learning python and started few weeks ago, I found this resources on line

That’s not a question we like to see asked, here. We can see you have just joined up and not gotten into any course track yet. Consider the free Python 2 track. Start from the beginning and dig in to each lesson/unit. Don’t skip the review and practice. It’s important to reinforce the basic concepts that are so, so very important moving forward. Just because they seem simple and boring, they are anything but once we start diving deeper into the language.

As for the problem (counting down from 10000) you will need to understand variables, loops, and range().

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Hi Roy,
Thanks for the input, I was going to ask if he can explain how you explain it to him. This is my 1st Python class ever as well.
I was able to figure out a bit but my numbers is not starting at 10000 and not ending at 0, I did some reading and exercise with nested loop as you mention on your thread here, I’ll do some digging tonight and I’ll post the code. Thanks again.
BTW, I will try the python 2 trail. Is the Python 2 means version 2?

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Yes, version 2, which is actually obsolete, now, and no longer in use. The language was sunsetted as of 2019-20. However, the differences between version 3 and version 2 are few at the learning level.

As you go through the Python 2 track, look for comparison of each new concept to Python 3 (use the web, Python docs, etc.). You’ll find that most have no difference at all. It’s not a new Python, only a revised and updated language to take into the account the tremendous support that has grown since the language was introduced.

print  =>  print()

range()  =>  list(range())

raw_input()  =>  input()

among some of the differences. In essence you can be learning Python 3 as you take in Python 2.

One word of caution, the Python 2 track has had no support upgrades in several years, and some of the functionality has been lost due to the many changes on the engineering side of the CC main site. When the lesson asks for user input, skip that and just assign arbitrary values to mimic user input.

is where to find the documentation for all versions. Note that 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6 have all reached their EOL (End Of Life).

Take your time and spend as much of it getting familiar with the docs as you do with learning new concepts. This early days stage is by far the most critical in terms of laying foundation. We still take questions in the forums so don’t be afraid to ask. Always supply us with a link to the exercise, and your code, with any question.