Can you review and provide design suggestions for my portfolio?

The project took me a whole day to design and build - but then I run out of ideas of how to make it interactive…

If anyone could review it and take a look, that would be awesome :smile:

(GitHub - utlandingur/portfolio)

Hi , I saw your project, I like the simplicity. Here are the pros and cons

Pros: the use for the H tag is good, very details, color choices is good, the border colors use at the articles is also good like it.

Cons: No Logo /Logo name at the Header, Image doesn’t need overlay, in this.

Suggestion: can improve your Design by copying Figma community and turning it to your preferences
try hosting your portfolio on github I mean create github page like mine (
Also when You done rember to post the on your link on githubpage at the About setting.
here is mine. (GitHub - anantiikenna/ Currently working on portfolio)

Best Regards.

Your portfolio highlights not only your development skills but also your strength in collaboration and project management.
It’s clear that you possess a unique blend of technical skills.