Can you recommend any books articles about responsive web design, UI, UX choices?

Hello dear Coders,

So I’m fairly knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but I lack some knowledge about UI, UX design, I’m always afraid of making bad choices, or doing a lot of guesswork trying to find out what looks good and works best. Since responsive websites tend to be more complex I would gladly follow some rules which could give me some direction.

Mainly I’m interested in learning about the reasoning and good choices like what typography to use, what size, how big margins, paddings should be. How many items, columns in a row should I put, and such. Maybe it’s me that I can’t find decent info about such sorts of things. If you can recommend paid / free (doesn’t matter) material would be very grateful for that.

I personally don’t have any recommendations but CC is making a UI/UX course that will be released in early spring of this year. And you might be able to beta test it if they make it available (#beta-testers)

Try it