Can you please suggest some good ways to learn


I've started learning java script. I'm very new to programming and coding. can you please suggest some good ways to learn it soon.

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Try starting here:

Codecademy Javascript Course

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after codecademy, freecodecamp is a good next step, and mdn has some really nice JavaScript tutorials



It is good to learn JavaScript by watching tutorials then coming over to Codecademy and doing the lesson as you implementing the code..

Also when studying JavaScript keep a notebook in front and take notes you can always come back and read over if you forgot how to code something..

For the video tutorials on JavaScript I suggest: Newboston He explains v nicely, its a series of videos starting from scratch ....



I don't know if you have to use javascript but I recommend python if you are just programming as a hobby or something. It is a much easier language in my opinion.


If you decide on python go here