Can you help with this error?

Looking for help with this:

Inside of a console.log() , create a random number with Math.random() , then multiply it by 100 .

My answer: console.log(Math.floor(Math.random() * 100);

But it is telling me I am wrong. Can anyone tell me why?

Well, you’re missing something. Does the error message not include any information?
A message similar to this:

Sometimes we initially ‘freak out’ when we see a big scary error message, but if we take a minute to read it, we can easily see the problem.
That seems to be saying something quite specific, and useful.
That little upward arrow seems to be indicating a specific location as well.

Thank you midlindner. I figured it out after I had already posted the question. You are correct. This was one of those sensory overload moments. However, even though I figured out the SyntaxError, your response also pointed out something that I did not realize.
That is the the upward arrow. For some reason I was thinking that it was a part of the code. Your response is greatly appreciated.

Again thank you very much.


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Is there a reset method, so I can reset the questions in the lessons ‘Built-in Objects’? Thank you. I ask this because Question 1. told me I was correct, but it wasn’t the actual correct answer. I am trying to work these problems out correctly, however the program seems to only allowing a correct answer one time, and will not reset back to no answer.

There is a reset button next to the run button in the bar below code editor section.

You can also use keyboard shortcut alt + g to reset the exercise.

Great. Got it. Thank you.