Can you have multiple conditions in a ternary operater?

I am currently working on the ‘Race Day’ project in the 'JavaScript Syntax: Part I > Learn JavaScript Syntax: Conditionals ’ portion of the Full-Stack Engineering Course and have some trouble getting past the 4th task using a ternary operator. I have completed the same task using an if statement but can’t seem to get it working using a ternary operator. I’m not sure whether it’s because you can’t use multiple conditions in the first part of a ternary operator which is why I have brought this problem to the forum.

My code for both the if statement and the equivalent ternary operator are below:
if (earlyRegister === true && runnerAge > 18) {
console.log(raceNumber += 1000);
earlyRegister === true && runnerAge > 18 ? console.log(raceNumber += 1000);

Link to the project:

you can have multiple conditions, but the ternary is a shorthand for if/else. You can’t have a ternary operator without else (:) clause.