Can you do this on a pc?


Can you create a file on pc using java and view the same thing? So do this on a computer?


I am confused? Java? i thought animate your name was javascript (javascript !== java)

Anyway, yes, you can create the files on your computer, and then view them in the browser. Do you need help on how to do this? It would teach you a great deal if you could figure it out yourself


I am confuse too, if I can create these files on my computer, how come when I copy my finished project code into a txt and turn it into a jar, it said it is a corrupt file. Is it that I'm doing it the wrong way? I a noob. by the way. I really need help on this part. if you can, thanks.


Are we talking java or javascript? Where you placed this question on the forum suggest javascript, the jar suggest java. Which language are we at?



JavaScript is not Java. This project is in JavaScript; a jar file is in Java. JS syntax will throw errors if you try to run it as Java.

Look up how to run a JavaScript file locally, and try doing that :)


This is why i am so confused, the forum post could simple be at the wrong place, so i wait for a respond if it is java or javascript


Ok, I will try looking up how to run a JavaScript file locally. And it is a Java Script. Thank you.


You will need a html file (index.html for example) and a js file (script.js for example), if you make both files in the same directory, you can simple link them up:

<script src="script.js></script>

The animate your name lesson also uses other library's/files, make you incorporate them as well, if you need help, feel free to ask


i did this and nothing comes up. its just blank browser tab.


Uhm... please don't revive old topics, make a new one and be more specific. You will need to write specific js code in order for it to show, this just shows how to link the files