Can you create apps with basic java? with android studio

i’ve completed the introduction to java at codecademy. i dont have pro. i’ve installed android studio and i want to know can you create apps with basic java or do i need to learn more from somewhere else… on codecademy i’ve completed all lessons of java. i have android studio(just installed yesterday) and i want to know what java i learnt on codecademy is enough to make an app with that android studio. Plz let me know. on Codecademy, i’ve completed just intro to java
classes, variables string methods and stuff

Building an android app involves so much

I would recommend to find a android tutorial (maybe udemy?), given you will need to learn certain libraries and tools

Looking at the content/syllabus of the Java course on codecademy (which it seems I have completed), I would estimate that what you attempt to do is a dive into the deep end.

Making an app is also very broad, depends on what the functionality of the app needs to be, if you intent to use MVVM design pattern, local cache database, communicate with API and so forth.


Apps are complicated, it teaks a lot to run to run them, I have no clue how to run one. I just know that it requires a wide variety of different stuff.

Thanks sir. Do you know a free website which may teach the android tutorial for free? i am a kid of 13 and my parents cant afford money for coding. btw what is deep end?

I suggested udemy, didn’t i? Otherwise you could google something like: free android beginner course, see what pops up

I thought it was a saying, I could be wrong given English isn’t my native language, but camebridge seems to back me up:

No sir your english was perfect. No problems about that. I though deep end was a topic and udemy doesn’t teaches for free. it takes money

Thank you sir i found a successful course at

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udemy also has free courses, right?

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