Can we use command line in CMD? or should you have a linux based system?


Can you use Command Line in Windows? or do you have to install Linux?


Unfortunately @atsh3, you are right. Terminal's commands will only work on UNIX based Operating Systems such as Mac OS X and all varieties of Linux. However this link will provide you with a good list of CMD commands.

Barry Allen



In response to this windows 10 did actually integrate(beta) the linux terminal into it and you are able to run linux commands on it, to what extent I'm unsure.

It is in beta so not sure how reliable it will be. (installation)


Depends on what you want to do.
If you want GNU utilities (grep and the like) then have a look at cygwin
But you're still on windows, so anything that is at all reliant on how the OS works will behave differently. For example, your file system doesn't start at / in windows.