Can`t pass Question no.(lesson) 8


Is there any problem in the coding? I don`t trhink so


What does the error message say? Could you copy and paste your css code to the forum? You could have hit a glitch, try a different browser as workaround


In last rule, you need to make it 'ul li p' instead of 'ul p'. That will target only p's inside li's. Other things seems fine. Any error?


Why? There are multiply ways you can solve a problem. ul p and ul li p are both fine, both will select the paragraph inside the unordered list


It's true, but it is common to write

so CSS selector can also be more detailed. Still I don't think that broke the exercise for him.


True, but in this exercise, this is the html code you have. Plus, you always write list tags inside a (un)ordered list, so it doesn't matter if it is ul p or ul li p. Yes, yours will be 3 points, mine 2, i know, it matters a little, but not that much.