CAN 't get pass ALIAS I , exercise 4/11

Anyone from Codecademy or user . Please help, I do think it is a bug.
I cannot pass this exercise to finish my “Learn the command line -course”

I did the following

step 1) nano filename
step 2) alias pd=“pwd”
step 3) ctrl O
step 4) enter
step 5) ctrl X
step 6) source ~/.bash_profile
step 7 ) pd // gives output bash: ps: command not found clear

Hope you can help me

You’d want to open the bash profile file with nano so it’d be: nano ~/.bash_profile then add your alias save it and source it.


tgrtim !!!

I would really like to thank you ,
You’re RIGHT , did work !!!

Thnks a lot ,

greetings from Europe, Amsterdam

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